Way to go H&M, hope it’s not only for publicity

The journal for the Norwegian textile business, Tekstilforum, have for some time been following the green development in the fashion business and especially they’ve been looking at H&M, the giant from our neighbour country.

As many may know, H&M have for some time been producing clothes with an eco-label, with the first completely ecological collection spring 2010. And they’ve according to Tekstilforum committed themselves to be using only ecological cotton by 2020. But this doesn’t mean that they’ve been playing nice all the time. There have been questions about their ecological cotton, which apparently has been partly OGM.

Furthermore, Tekstilforum reported a few months ago that Greenpeace had tested H&M merchandise and found NFEs (nonylphenol ethoxylates – a substance that disrupts the natural balance of hormones in affected organisms and that is forbidden in textile production in the European Union) in 4 of 6 garments.

The journal continues to follow this Greenpeace campaign for a greener textile industry, and reports in September that, following Adidas, Puma and Nike, who have also been under pressure from Greenpeace, H&M decides to eliminate the use of dangerous substances in their production chain within 2020.

I am very much hoping that they will take this engagement seriously and that it will not only encourage others but make it easier to produce sustainable clothing.
Anyway, a believe Greenpeace is doing important work with their Detox-campaign.


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