Sketching out scenarios for the fashion industry

Lately I’ve almost felt more like a cartoonist than a fashion designer, and frankly it’s been fun. Researching technology, trend forecasts and theories people have about the future of the fashion industry in order to make up my own ideas of how things could develop and then sketching out my scenarios, so that I can communicate them.

Sometimes during my research I’ve found that projections take technology more into account than us, the people that are meant to live in this world full of technological devices that read and decipher our every move and thought. It could become rather dystopian, if we let it. And other than that, there are so many reasons why the fashion industry most urgently needs a make-over, from the extreme environmental destruction to promotion of unhealthy body ideals. And I am wondering how I as a designer can work differently and collaborate with and engage consumers to make a change.

Because fashion and clothing concerns us all, one way or another and we can all be a part of the change. And this is what my scenario building is about.

And you can see my sketches and give your responses to the scenarios I’ve created in the survey below. ¬†Feel free to take it:


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