I went to the Textile Waste seminar and exhibition today

The Norwegian National Institute for Consumer Research (SIFO) has made a very interesting report on user habits and why we throw away clothing. Hearing some of the findings in today’s seminar and seing the exhibition at Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KhiO) was very inspiring for me as a designer wanting to make sustainable clothing and prevent waste. 
It was sadly not very surprising to be told that the people taking part in the surveys did not know how often they actually buy clothing (and that they buy much more than they think).  The reasons why they threw away clothing were more uplifting; the top four reasons seem to be something to do with the quality of the garment, before the demands of style/fashion and the fit/cut of the garment. Also, 59 % of the people asked in the surveys dont buy or get used clothing!
During the project NICE fashion played a role as a communicator and students from Chelsea School of Art & Design, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, and the Swedish School of Textiles were involved.  They students produced some great designs inspired by this project.  
I really liked these prints by Chelsea-graduate Charlotte Juin, who has a very conceptual approach to textile design.

Another example of Charlotte Juin’s “Unity and Fragment” – project.

Jenny Nix, also a Chelsea-graduate, “Smocked Reconstruction”, out of old shirts.

More of Jenny Nix’s collection.

“Case Deluxe” underlines the value of the object by making a tailored case for the object from pre-comsumer waste. Projet by the Swedish School of Textiles students Daniel Bendzovski, Charlotta Brorsson, Karin Ringström and Sara Andersson.

Marthe Næstby, graduated from Oslo National Academy of the Arts this spring uses eccentric people as an inspiration to make unique pieces and outfits according to her own personal sense of style.

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