L-L-B proposes bespoke, customized, made-to-measure attire to both men and women in London and Oslo.

The L-L-B bespoke service offers a unique personal couture experience and allows you to customize and tailor an L-L-B garment that really fits your body and personality. Whether you are looking for just the one piece of every-day apparel, an evening wear outfit or a wedding dress or suit, L-L-B will make you a one of a kind piece of clothing.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a meeting and a quote.


  • Initial meeting with the designer:
    Make an appointment to discuss the garment you want
    We will discuss fabrics, colours, details… You can also choose a garment from the¬† L-L-B collections and have it adjusted to you.
  • The quote: Once the design and material choices are made, a quote will be established.
    We will ask for a 30 % advance payment as confirmation of your order.
    At this point, we will also make appointments for the following fittings according to your wanted delivery date (A custom piece takes between 1 and a 6 months, according to the complexity of the design).
  • Measurements, pattern making and toile: A paper pattern will be made according to your measurements and a toile (cotton calico) version of your garment will be stitched for the first fitting.
  • Fittings: At the least one toile fitting and one fitting of the finished garment will be needed. For a wedding dress or a suit, at least¬†four fittings are needed for a perfect adjustment.
  • Trimmings and details: Once the overall shape of the garment is flawless, the garment will be finished with all the trimmings and details you wanted.
  • Delivery and payment: On the day of the delivery, you will try on the piece one last time to make sure that every finishing is satisfactory. Everything in order, you will be presented with the invoice for the last 70 %.

Bespoke work