The Brand

«Transformational clothing concepts »



L-L-B’s quality, originality and sustainability-focused garments are handmade in London drawing on years of experience in fashion and design. L-L-B approaches sustainability by saying “why waste it when you can wear it” and uses upcycled, organic and eco-friendly materials in its collections.

L-L-B’s designs aspire to a different way of seeing clothing. The label’s design work and research evolve around multi-functional and transformational clothing solutions where Nordic pragmatism meets arty conceptualism.

The collections feature hybrid clothes as well as unique urban silkscreen prints. Drawing on traditional French know-how, the prints and garments are handmade, ensuring a unique product with a human touch.

This high-end Scandinavian fashion label founded by the Norwegian designer Lisbeth Løvbak Berg was launched in October 2012. L-L-B have since February 2013 showcased their collections during London and Berlin Fashion Weeks and also during Fashion Week Brooklyn.

The brand L-L-B is based on the idea of conceptual ecology and has a clear vision of slow fashion, with focus on high-quality tailoring and an ecological and ethical message, focusing on sustainability in the whole of the product lifecycle.

L-L-B’s ethics

With a clear vision of slow fashion and a focus on high-quality tailoring, Fellowship 500 member L-L-B’s “conceptual ecology” guideline lies in questioning and thinking about our idea of clothing itself. The brand compared perceptions of clothing and homes, finding that while both have a protective purpose and require being robust, the durability that one associates with a house strongly contrasts the ephemeral nature of clothing and fashion. This idea helped develop their vision of clothing as a textile home aiming to provide people with a garment to live in; making it a refuge and a home.

Aspects like quality, multi-function and adaptability become important as well as sustainability in the production chain.

We are a young brand and we care deeply about what we do. We are constantly looking for new and more sustainable solutions.

To ensure that our products are as sustainable as possible, we follow certain principles:

  1. Make a product to last; quality and design come first.
  2. Use only organic/ecological, recycled or upcycled fabrics and natural and eco-friendly dyes.
  3. The garments are handmade in London, ensuring a sweat-shop free production.
  4. Why waste it when you can wear it? Throughout the whole process, a strict no-waste policy is applied so that even scraps are re-used or sent to recycling.
  5. If no 100 % sustainable option is available, choose the lesser evil.