Lisbeth Løvbak Berg

The tri-lingual Norwegian designer, Lisbeth Løvbak Berg, has since her student days evolved in both the Norwegian and the French art scene. Also having been accepted to Oslo National Academy of the Arts, she chose to study fashion.

It follows that she graduated from Oslo University College with a degree in fashion in 2010. September the same year, she had the opportunity to show her graduation collection during London Fashion Week and the response encouraged the development of the label L-L-B.

She has trained with the high-end labels Hemyca and Phillipa Lepley Couture in London, as well as in the French confection business. She has also gathered a multitude of fashion week experiences, i.e. assisting the Norwegian designer Nina Skarra.

Settling in Dijon, France, where she had studied French some years earlier, she has worked and continues to work on several projects in parallel with her work with the brand L-L-B. She is i.e. one of the founders of the art space Les ateliers Vortex.

Les ateliers Vortex house the L-L-B studio and was the venue for the launch of the first L-L-B collection, SHELTERED, October 2012.

With a name meaning Leafy Hillside of the Mountain, one cannot help having the utmost respect for nature. Growing up in the small town of Kongsvinger in a region of Norway covered with dark spruce and pine forests, the love of the secrets of nature came naturally and so the choice to make sustainable fashion was a given.

Her vision of fashion remains a cross-over between art and design and her universe is one where the ecology and the concept are but one.

In 2016, the designer and the label moved to London, where Lisbeth embarked on the MA Fashion Futures Course at London College of Fashion, diving into the depths of fashion and sustainability.

Based in London, L-L-B now offers design and sustainability consultancy as well as clothing.

These are various projects Lisbeth have undertaken alongside her work with L-L-B.