This is just a short excerpt for the about page.

Slow Materialism is a research project.

We are told that materialism is bad, that it is bad to care for your material possessions. Slow Materialism, on the contrary, is about exactly that, caring about your material possessions, recognising the symbolic meanings of objects as they more often than not represent our relationships with people around us. Is it not more meaningful to have an item with a story, that is a part of your life, than a thousand that clutter up your attic and basement?

Behind this research project is Lisbeth Løvbak Berg, Fashion Futurist, Design Thinker and Sustainability Expert, founder of the fashion label L-L-B. On this blog you will find her academic writing and her musings as she undertakes her research.

She sis currently studying MA Fashion Futures at London College of Fashion and the ungoing researh will culiminate in a dissertation December 2017.

Feel free to respond to, comment, and partake in the research in any way you like – this is about discussing what kind of future we want and we are all a part of it!